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 Food Service

We also manufacture and market ice cream and fodd service products that are distributed throughout Spain and worldwide.



Helados Somosierra began its activity in 1939. At that time it was very difficult to obtain raw material for the elaboration of the products.

Thanks to the ingenuity and perseverance of the Toraño family, it was possible to carry out what was initially an ice cream shop and a bakery in which they began to manufacture the first frosted tarts in Spain, for which the brand was recognized for many years. Over the years Somosierra has been growing and evolving at the pace that marked the ice cream market, but always maintaining a constant concern for the quality of their products and adapting their recipes, to current tastes.


In recent years, when ice cream consumption increases and market habits begin to change, Somosierra starts a period of adaptation to the new distribution.

This change allows them to access the placement of their products in food chains and supermarkets, the segment of the distribution that grows the most at the moment. For this, an important investment has been made in the adaptation and acquisition of modern machinery that allows it to manufacture more quantity of product at a lower cost. Throughout the time Helados Somosierra has been linking with the best restaurants in Madrid. Today we have a selection of products that serve this type of establishments, as well as communities. Currently, we are in the ranking of the top 10 manufacturers of ice cream in Spain and we have a large production capacity which allows us to allocate a part to the production of ice cream for Private Label.


The philosophy of the company is reflected in the slogan that accompanies it:

Concerned about the quality and food safety of its products, Somosierra, in addition to applying its HACCP self-monitoring system, has the following certifications: IFS, BRC, ISO 14000. Helados Somosierra, works on new market trends, creating new ice creams, flavors and textures, in order to maintain the satisfaction of its customers.


The philosophy of the company is reflected in the slogan that accompanies it:

Today we have the full confidence of keys customers with distribution platforms and commercial agreements in the most important provinces of Spain, for the distribution of our products nationwide.